Central line complication survey


Intravenous literature: Pinon, M., Bezzio, S., Tovo, P.A., Fagioli, F., Farinasso, L., Calabrese, R., Marengo, M. and Giacchino, M. (2009) A prospective 7-year survey on central venous catheter-related complications at a single pediatric hospital. European Journal of Pediatrics. 168(12), p.1505-12.


The aims of this study were to assess the incidence and risk factors of major central venous catheter (CVC)-related complications in a large cohort of children affected by oncological, hematological, or immunological diseases in a 7-year prospective observational study at a single center. Nine hundred fifteen CVCs were inserted in 748 children for a total period of 307,846 CVC-days. Overall, 298 complications were documented with a complication rate of 0.97/1,000 CVC-days: 105 mechanical complications (dislocations 0.30/1,000 CVC-days, ruptures 0.04/1,000 CVC-days), 174 infections (bloodstream infections 0.46/1,000 CVC-days, tunnel infections 0.10/1,000 CVC-days), and 19 thrombosis (0.06/1,000 CVC-days). Significant risk factors were: diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and age


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