Case study: Central venous catheter guide wire embolization in the inferior vena cava


Intravenous literature: Trabattoni, D., Andreini, D. and Bartorelli, A.L. (2013) Unintentional embolization of a guide wire in the inferior vena cava during central venous catheter insertion successfully retrieved percutaneously 9 months later. Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions. 3rd July. .


Central venous catheters are routinely positioned for hemodynamic monitoring and fluid administration in patients undergoing cardiac surgery, and many well-known complications associated with this manoeuver have been described. Metalic guide wire embolization is a rare complication potentially associated with nonmechanical and mechanical adverse events. The case we report is peculiar as an almost fully endothelialized guide wire was successfully retrieved 9 months after its unintentional embolization in the inferior vena cava.

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