Blood culture collection and non-touch aseptic technique


Intravenous literature: Rowley, S. (2012) Blood culture collection: quality assurance for ANTT. British Journal of Nursing. 21(3), p.158.


In a busy A&E department, an aseptic non-touch technique (ANTT) auditor observed a specialist registrar undertaking blood culture collection. When ‘cleaning’ the culture bottle ports, the registrar did not unfold the large wipe. With his non-gloved fingers in very close proximity to the port, he swiped, rather than scrubbed, the bottle ports, and then flipped the wipe over and swiped the other bottle port. To ‘clean’ the skin, he used the optimum available licensed product, complete with an applicator which was designed to encourage a non-touch technique, but only used it to swipe the puncture site twice, and did not allow it to dry. A simple procedure was compromised at its most critical points.

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