Best IV flush solution


Intravenous literature: Bravery, K. (2010) Flushing CVADs: heparin or sodium chloride 0.9%? British Journal of Nursing. 19(10 Suppl), p.S5


I have been trying to update the clinical practice guideline for my trust on flushing central venous access devices (CVAD). To complicate matters I was asked to ensure that our guideline was the same as our partner cancer unit. I work in a principle treatment centre for children’s cancer that is part of a virtual unit with an adolescent and young people’s cancer centre. We are in the process of preparing for peer review as a
unified centre; hence the need for one guideline. The problem is that we flush our tunnelled central venous catheters (TCVC) with heparin and the other centre uses sodium chloride 0.9%. My dilemma is should we also stop using heparin?


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