Article published in the BJN IV supplement evaluates nurses’ perceptions of transfusion training


Intravenous literature: Stout, L. (2013) Nurses’ perceptions of transfusion training: an evaluation. British Journal of Nursing. 22(2), p.S22-S28.


Within Scottish hospitals transfusion education is mandatory for all staff involved in the process of transfusion. Currently two modes of delivery exist, face-to-face and e-learning. The researcher, a transfusion practitioner, wished to evaluate the perceptions of registered nurses within her local children’s hospital to the transfusion education available.The aim of the evaluation was to ascertain whether there were perceived benefits, whether expectations were met and whether nurses perceived that there were any barriers to undertaking the education. Both quantitative and qualitative data were obtained by means of a questionnaire; all registered nurses in the hospital were invited to participate.The study indicates a high level of compliance with mandatory transfusion education and suggests both satisfaction and perceived benefits with transfusion education among those who responded. Some barriers were highlighted, but it was noted that these were not exclusive to transfusion education and in the current challenging environment with conflicting priorities on time, resolution may be complex.

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