Article investigates if active safety-needle devices cause blood spatter contamination?


#IVTEAM #Intravenous literature: Roff, M., Basu, S. and Adisesh, A. (2014) Do active safety-needle devices cause spatter contamination? The Journal of Hospital Infection. February 5th. .


Exposure to blood and body fluids is an occupational hazard in healthcare. Although the potential for blood-borne virus transmission through needlestick injury has been widely studied, the risk of this occurring through spatter contamination from safety-needle syringes is not well understood. This report examines this risk from three commonly used safety needles and suggests that this presents a new and significant hazard. Further work should be commissioned to quantify this hazard and determine which type of safety needle would minimize spatter contamination following syringe discharge and safety activation.

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