Article describes preparation of nurses prior to the introduction of dose error-reduction infusion systems


Intravenous literature: Smith, D. and Filiatrault, P. (2013) An Assessment of Large-Volume Infusion Device Use by Nurses in Preparation for Conversion to Dose Error-Reduction Software. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 36(4), p.280-289.


In 2008, the Corporate Pharmacy of the Interior Health Authority of British Columbia, Canada embarked on a project to replace large-volume (LV) infusion devices with “smart pumps” (infusion devices equipped with dose error-reduction systems ). To determine ideal device-to-patient ratios for procurement, Interior Health performed a research study to investigate infusion practice and LV device use. Discoveries were made regarding device use and perceptions of nurses regarding infusion administration, policy, and asset management that have aided in successful device implementation and will aid in future optimization of safe infusion therapy. Since 2009, Interior Health has completed implementation of DERS-equipped LV infusion devices in its acute care facilities.

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