Arterial catheter infection rates


Intravenous literature: Lorente, L., Jimnez, A., MartÃan, M.M., Jimnez, J.J., Iribarren, J.L. and Mora, M.L. (2010) Lower arterial catheter-related infection in brachial than in femoral access. American Journal of Infection Control. 38(9), p.e40-e42.


Recent guidelines do not establish a recommendation about the arterial catheter site to minimize the arterial catheter-related infection risk. In this prospective and observational study, we found a higher arterial catheter-related infection in 1085 arterial femoral sites than in 141 arterial brachial sites (5.08 vs 0 per 1000 catheter-days, respectively; odds ratio, 6.18; 95% confidence interval: 1.11-infinite; P = .02). Thus, arterial brachial access should be used in preference to femoral access.


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