ANTT update


Intravenous literature: Rowley, S., Clare, S., Macqueen, S. and Molyneux, R. (2010) ANTT v2: An updated practice framework for aseptic technique. British Journal of Nursing. 19(5), Supp: S5 – S11.


Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT) version 2 is an updated theoretical and practice framework expanding on the foundations set by ANTT v1, which was first published almost a decade ago, and has been adopted widely. ANTT v2 rationalizes an alternative and contemporary approach to aseptic practice, rather than the historically hierarchal paradigm of sterile, aseptic and clean techniques. To reflect current practice and reduce unnecessary complication, v2 introduces the theory and consolidates the practice of using micro aseptic fields to protect key-parts. It is advocated that micro aseptic fields are optimal and should be used whenever practically possible. Version 2 is intended as a principle approach to all aseptic practice no matter how simple or complicated clinical procedures may be. In other words, the principles of ANTT are as applicable to the surgeon as they are to the nurse or phlebotomist.


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