Significant interventions in the reduction of catheter related infections


BD announce satellite symposium at #WoCoVA16 on significant interventions in the reduction of catheter related infections”.

Catheter related infections are a critical complication of intravascular access devices, create an economic burden on healthcare systems and affect patient’s quality of care.
This symposium offers a unique opportunity to discuss:

  • the significance of skin antisepsis and the careful selection of needleless connectors in the reduction of catheter related infections and contamination
  • new and recently published evidence
  • the latest data on extraluminal catheter related infection and intraluminal needle free connector design and reduced contamination

This symposium is a must for those who want to learn about catheter related infections and how the latest findings can be implemented in a practical approach in the clinical setting.

Venue details:

Lunchtime satellite symposium at WoCoVA Lisbon
Thursday 23rd June 2016
Auditorium 2

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